New Outdoor Nativity

This has been a looog process.  Mainly because of the all the other things that happened between the idea of purchasing and the actual purchase.  First many, many years ago I made our church, St. Joseph, an outdoor Holy Family to put outside of the church during the Christmas season.  It was made out of plywood, cut into the shape of the different people, painted and screwed to metal posts to be pushed into the ground. Last Christmas I noticed it was looking sad. Parts were broken and others needed repainting.  So, I approached the Prayer and Worship committee on purchasing another one.  That was okayed, then it had to go before the finance committee. They okayed the purchase after a little back and forth. 

Found the set and approached a company about purchasing but fate was against us once again.  Fax machine wasn’t working and various emails went awry.  Then our Pastor, Father Terence Healy retired. Now, I forget to mention that about a 3 years or so before this our parish was merged with another church and we became St Joseph the Worker.  So, now we were a newly merged parish with no pastor. All unnecessary purchasing was stopped. In September, we received a new pastor Father Matthew Wetsel.  So, after a period of figuring out what was what, the purchase was back on track.  It was ordered and delivered, unpacked and we loved the way it looked.  Now, it’s up to the guys to build a ‘stable’ to keep it safe from the elements.