Family Reunion Prep 2016

I have been working on getting ready for the first Family Reunion our family is having. We do have a family reunion with my father’s family and my husband’s family but this is with our family. A reunion with my father, my sister and her family,  my brother’s and his family, and of course my children and their families.

The centerpieces will have flowers from my garden. I had made them for a friend’s party and changed them for the family reunion. The mason jars are tinted green with green ground glass in the bottom.

The glasses are favors. I bought the green glasses at the dollar store and added Carl from the movie ‘Up’. Carl reminds my family of my father for several reasons and the kids have a team called Howard’s Hooligans that use Carl in the logo.  On the other side is a balloon with the year so we can remember that this is the first year. The little take-out containers hold decorative soap. I had allot of it from a lady that needed to thin out her collection. My father gave me the idea to give them out at the reunion and the saying on the boxes ‘Soap glad you could come’ just sounded cute.

The book will hold pictures and information from the reunions. The plan for this reunion is that it will be rotating. This year is that it is here and next year it will be in the area of the host family. We hope that it will be a fun gathering where we can all gather together without the worry of snow ruining travel plans.


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