The Family: Fotiadis, Janiga, Rowe, & Vail

Here we all are. familyreunion2016_8

We had great fun at the 1st reunion of the group on August 13. It was very, hot, and humid but the park had a breeze so it was okay. We did not eat allot because of the heat but we had lots of food, we did go through allot of water.                                        

The reunion idea was put together by my brother and daughter. Since, it has been harder to get together as a whole family and we are spread across the state. It will be a moving reunion.  There will be a host family and the reunion will be in that area of the state. That way, the same people are not always traveling.


Youngest member of the family 7th month old Derek.  

These are some of the games I made for the reunion.

The most important thing of course, the family….

The reunion happened to fall on my birthday. It was originally supposed to be the first Saturday of the month but the park was booked so we took the 2nd Saturday. I was not thrilled to have the reunion on my birthday at first but it turned out wonderful. To have my family all with me on my birthday was something very special.


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