Craft Stuff

This page will have things about my latest craft projects or craft issues.

 This was for my Dad for his birthday. He is the best Dad and I just wish he could spend more time with his great grandson.


I made this for centerpieces for Fr. Terence Healy’s  80th birthday party. People came from his various parishes to help him celebrate. He is an amazing man that cares for so much for others as well as having a very strong relationship with God. He is Irish so using green was a given.DSC_0002 I wanted the mason jars to have a green tint and I love the way it worked. I took 1 teaspoon of Elmer’s glue, 1  1/2 teaspoon of water and 3 drops of green food coloring. Mix it all together and paint it on the jar.  That amount did about three quart jars. Use a light hand or you will get drips. Let dry and you get this wonderful sea glass look. You could really do some pretty colors. It comes off if you wash it soon after you make it. Mine were made 2 weeks ago and washed right off. (Since, I made 20 and they were my actual canning jars and I wanted to use them again.) Supposedly, if you keep it on it longer it sets on better.

My parents always made do or remade something when something did not fulfill the purpose it was needed to. As a result I have reused and repurposed since I was little. Lo-o-o-ng before it was the popular thing to do. So this is my latest project made from old fan blades (the fan started shorting out) and table legs that I pulled from the neighbors trash.  

The Dragonfly






I cut the fan blades and used liquid ‘stained’ glass paint on the wings. 

The body is DSC_0676two table legs that I scavenged.  the head was the only thing I purchase. Two club chair feet and a finial for a post.

Now, to find the perfect place to put it.




DSC_0476This is a sign I painted for my father for his chicken coop. He loves his ‘girls’.




Last summer, I purchased a wooden chest at our town garage sales for $2.00. Over the winter it took position on our front porch as a storage bin for various summer items  and a place to place your coffee or tea in my case, in warmer weather.  The plain wood just was not doing it for me, so on a whim I pulled out the paintbrush and dug out some leftover paint.

I painted a design on the top and decided during the summer I would work on painting the sides.  The top coat was put on today.  Here is the finished project.


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